The Truth About Your Mental Condition and The Psychotherapy Based on Dream Translation

By | April 16, 2023

The divine unconscious wisdom is the only guarantee you can have that you will be cured, even if you suffer from a severe mental illness that cannot be cured by the psychiatry of our historical time. If you suffer from neurosis or depression, your treatment through dream translation is fast and quite simple, even though the truth is that mental illnesses are complicated and dangerous matters.Today’s scientists have no idea of how dangerous mental illnesses really are. This is why they give various substances to their patients, without knowing how the brain works and without understanding the real effect of the drugs they indicate to their patients. With all my respect to their intention to cure the mentally ill and with true compassion because I know how difficult their mission is, I must say that they don’t know what they are doing.Unfortunately, there is too much absurdity in the human brain. We cannot make experiments with this dangerous content without causing serious damages to our patients. Mental illnesses are sneaky diseases.Only the unconscious mind has an internal vision of the functioning of our patients’ brain. Only the divine unconscious mind can show us the truth about their mental condition in dreams, the same way it shows us in our dreams everything about our own mental stability.A human doctor is not able to cure schizophrenia or psychosis, or even neurosis, which represents the beginning of the destruction of an individual’s human conscience. My statements are based on the seriousness I had to acquire in order to be able to continue Carl Jung’s research and discover how to cure all mental illnesses by obeying the unconscious guidance.I had to become a psychiatrist, even though I didn’t have such intention. I had to study the meaning of terror and all its characteristics for two decades in order to be able to publicly declare that I know how to cure all mental illnesses. My work is not based on suppositions. The seriousness of my work is the result of my obedience to the divine unconscious mind.Otherwise, I would never continue Carl Jung’s dangerous research, or cure the mentally ill. I accepted this sacrifice because it was my moral obligation to help the world, since I could discover how to put an end to craziness, terror, and violence.My discoveries are based on my obedience to the unconscious guidance. Therefore, everything I discovered was practically given to me.I was so ignorant that without any guidance I wouldn’t be able to understand Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation. I had to study numerous scientific books about various fields in order to understand what Jung was talking about. The unconscious mind taught me the real meaning of the dream language when I learned Jung’s method.The unconscious mind obliged me to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated, obscure, time consuming and vague method of dream interpretation. Everyone had to be able to understand the unconscious messages, independently of their educational level.The unconscious mind obliged me to cure numerous people through dream therapy without payment for two decades in order to be able to simplify Jung’s complex and incomplete method.The unconscious mind obliged me to study the meaning of terror for two decades. Nothing of what I did was the result of my own decisions.Even the fact that I was so obedient to the unconscious guidance is not the result of my own conclusions, but the result of a long preparation. Otherwise, an absurd, selfish and indifferent creature like me would never agree on obeying the unconscious mind, even after discovering the unconscious sanctity.You cannot evaluate the importance of my work because you ignore how fragile your mental stability is. You believe that you are able to control your behavior and always will be. You are ignorant and na├»ve.You need the unconscious guidance if you want to keep your mental stability or if you want to really be cured from a mental illness.You should pay attention to this information and care about writing down your dreams in a dream journal. Today you can easily learn the meaning of the dream language, after Carl Jung’s studies and cures, and after my studies and cures.You are lucky because our complicated work was gradually transformed into a fast method of instant translation from images into words. The scientific method of dream interpretation is the result of an arduous and dangerous research during two generations. This research was based on understanding the precious unconscious guidance in dreams and helping the mentally ill find sound mental health thanks to this knowledge.